The Who:

My name is Ark Pizarro. I am a father, husband, friend, and grateful son. I am a veteran, physician, entrepreneur, and author. I love my Creator, family, friends, and country. I also love football (Go Cowboys!), music, comedy, good food, and traveling. Those who know me would say I love talking more than anything else and they might be right.

Maybe most of all, I love helping others. Before medicine, I was very self-centered but medicine and faith changed that and I find great joy in helping my fellow man regardless of race, faith, politics, or sexual orientation. If you can reciprocate the respect I show you then we can get along fine. If not, go your way in peace and I’ll go mine. I always say people are like seasons and you have to enjoy them while they last. I have lost a number of wonderful individuals in my life and I try to cherish the present since it is a gift (dad joke).

The what:

This site is about me sharing the things I have learned along the way that can serve others. Whether it’s to help them avoid many of the most common mistakes people make when starting and growing a business or teaching them how to eliminate the rat race aspect of life so many people fall into. It could be helping people see a different side or discover their spirituality. Maybe just learn how to enjoy life and be happy not despite but because of the challenges we all face because they too are a large part of each of our stories.

We wouldn’t be who we are without adversity and yet we do everything we can to avoid even remembering the challenges that mold us. I want to share my stories, insights, and vision with the hope that a few people can walk away better for having heard them. That is why I created this site. No pretense, no glitter or mirrors just straight Ark like my friends get and that’s a lot.

The why:

I grew up a poor kid in the Bronx and I witnessed a ton of things no-one ever should. That shaped a big part of who I am. More than that I went through most of those experiences without a father in my house, no older brother, or mentor to help me process and navigate through that part of my life.

Like a lot of people in my neighborhood, I made a TON of bad choices that I could have avoided by having a mentor to help guide me. That is why this site exists. It is the core reason for me wanting to take the time and share what I’ve learned through the school of hard knocks and self-education.

The When:

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The Where:

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