E019 – How to Repair Your Credit Fast

Did you know that 34.8% of American consumers have subprime credit scores? 25% of low-income Americans don’t know how to improve their credit scores. The lack of financial literacy in our country is appalling, and only the way to fix it right now is to educate yourself. In this episode, I show you some of the secrets of the credit system and how to use them to improve your credit and get on the path to financial freedom. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! This podcast and my new book, Advancing Possibilities, are my way of answering many of the most common questions people have about building a business, with the hope that they can avoid some of the pitfalls we all encounter on this journey and take advantage of the massive opportunities that are available now more than ever before. Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Advancing Possibilities Podcast! If you enjoyed the episode, please leave a comment. Your feedback helps us continue to improve and deliver better content so you can achieve greater success!

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