The Step by Step Guide for Creating Your First Niche Website

All right, here we are, and we’re going to be explaining what a niche website is, and why you should build some. I’ll be covering five different methods for building a profitable business online but this one is the easiest (in my opinion) so we’ll start with this. If you’re on this website, you probably interested in improving your business, your life or both. That’s great cause that’s exactly what we do here, we help people level up.


There are several ways in which you can do this, and with this series we are going to focus on the five best business models for doing that online. You can do it full-time, part-time, and from wherever you have a pc and internet connection.


Let’s start by discussing the first of our five business models, and it’s probably the easiest one – niche websites. Niche websites are where you blog about topics that matter to people. You might say to yourself, blogging… Really?! What kind of info is this? There’s nothing new about that. But there is a very viable business model in the niche website space, and it’s not about trying to become a full-time blogger, where you sit at home, and all you do is write articles.


Now, if that’s your thing and you enjoy writing and that’s what you dream of doing, awesome! Because then it should be that much easier for you. Let’s say you’re not interested in all that and you just want to have some side income, niche sites are a great way to do that. Because they are very much a set it and forget it type of business.


Now, of course, you have to do things properly, and it doesn’t mean that every single site that you put up will be successful, even if you follow the steps to making successful niche sites. Like anything, it will have its hits and misses, but there is a way, a pattern, a formula, a step by step system that you can follow to increase your chance of having more hits than misses.


Different people have different ways of doing it, but, for the most part, it’s all the same. The premise is that first, you find a niche. That means you must find an interest or passion or pain point that people need help with. So the best way to make money with your niche site is to help people solve a problem.


All business is about two straightforward rules. Number one, helping people solve a problem. All business is about helping people solve a problem. The guy that sells socks is helping people with bare feet. The gal that provides attorney services is helping people who need legal help. So it doesn’t matter whether it is a product or service.


The bottom line is all business revolves around helping people solve a problem, right? What’s Wall street all about? It facilitates people buying parts of a company so that they can grow their money over time. The essence of entrepreneurship is about solving people’s problems.


So in this same way, all you’re doing with a niche site is you’re putting up a virtual information store. Instead of selling a product or a service, in particular, the service that you’re providing is information. You are giving people the answers to questions they have about their problems, right?


It could be that their problem is that they just want to be entertained. Take TMZ, for instance. People have a desire to know about other people’s business, celebrities, and scandals and things like that.


The people that they serve are people who are interested in being entertained with gossip. Okay. You can see they’re very successful. So there is a market for that. They built a website and a business around that need because that problem needed to be solved.


So in that same way, you can create businesses, your blogs, or niche websites around the needs that people have. For instance, maybe people are interested in knitting and crochet, and you can build a blog that teaches them how to do that. Perhaps they’re interested in knitting and crocheting for dolls, right? Because that’s an actual thing. There is an entire subculture for doll collectors. You can go to Instagram and see thousands and thousands of posts about doll collectors dressing up their dolls with crochet items and stuff like that.


The bottom line is there’s a ton of niches out there that people are super passionate about. Anytime you find a niche with collectors in it, you have probably found a profitable niche. There are millions of people who are gun collectors, knife collectors, coin collectors, stamp collectors. These are people who are passionate about these crafts.


Whenever you find people who are passionate about something, you probably have a viable niche. As long as you know that its something that’s done around the world. The reasoning behind that is, a lot of your traffic will come from different countries. Which means you want to avoid limiting yourself to small niches that are seasonal or only for a specific region.


You could easily make a successful website doing that, but the chances are that if you find yourself a tiny sliver of a niche for something that many people around the world are interested in, you’ll do better. With that said, someone in a micro-niche can succeed; it’s not impossible, just harder.


Not that you can’t make money in micro-niches, just saying you want to find something that has a high number of people interested in it, and then you want to go very specific within that niche.


For example, if I wanted to create a niche site for people to find a plumber, I could create a plumbers directory. Then, after I create this directory online for local plumbers, I can collect reviews about the plumbers, and expand to different cities, etc. Or I could niche down further and just create a website about plumbers who specialize in installing water heaters, right?


The point is, the further down you go in a good-sized niche, the higher the chances are you will strike oil because there is going to be a small group of people looking specifically for the answer that you’re providing.


Usually, that answer is going to have lots of words in it. It’s going to be what’s known as a long-tail keyword. A long-tail keyword might be something like “best water heater plumber in Denver,” although the keyword research tools might say that this keyword phrase doesn’t get any traffic it may just get enough for it to be a very profitable keyword for certain plumbers especially if the keyword is related to a super pain point or something.


For some people, this issue is both important and urgent, and your site addresses that specific part of the niche. The reason you want to do that is that it helps you to get started in an area most people ignore, and it helps you to have some success early on in comparison to trying to go into something broad like weight loss or wellness, etc.


Let’s suppose you know what you’re talking about in regards to bone health. That’s an opportunity because how many people out there are talking about bone health, or maybe you create a website about arthritis, and you describe the ways that people can live with arthritis and thrive.


Now you’re onto something because you’re not talking about a ton of different diseases and trying to compete with Web MD and all these authority sites in medicine. You just won’t rank competing against them. But if you create a website that’s about one specific disease, and then you create authoritative content about that disease, you can become an authority in that niche. Keep in mind; this is just an example since Google has changed the way that they address medical content and usually want you to be some kind of medical professional to rank you highly in topics about medicine.


The point I’m trying to make is, is that if you can focus on people’s passions or pains and you can look at specific topics within a broader niche, you usually have a good chance of winning. Assuming you have a website that’s very specific within a broad niche of people who are in pain, who have a problem or who are super passionate about what they’re doing.


Let’s suppose you want to have a website about golf. Well, golf is a really broad niche, and the people who golf are usually pretty big spenders. So it’s a good opportunity because that’s another thing we need to address is how are you going to monetize your niche site eventually?


The way that you’re going to monetize your niche site eventually is essential for the longterm because you don’t just want to create this great website and not make any money in return from it. The whole point of creating the site is to make a passive income.


So, if you’re going to look at sites that you’re going to create and you want to have a monetization strategy for them. You’re usually going to go along the lines of building an email list and then marketing your products, both on the website and through the email list through affiliate offers. Let’s say golf and golfers, for example, because they love to buy stuff. But if you try to go out there and compete with golf.com, you don’t have a chance.


But if you make a website that reviews different golf courses around the country, let’s suppose, or the best golf courses around the world and you write authoritative reviews about these golf courses with some original photos, that would be something golfers would be interested in.


People want original content, new fresh stuff because they want to feel like they’re connecting with someone who’s writing to them and giving them some inside info on these golf courses.


By doing that, you set yourself apart. You might be thinking, “how do I get original photos?” Well, that really isn’t that hard to do. There’s plenty of ways that you can connect with local photographers all across the world and have them send you a couple of photos in exchange for a couple of dollars.


All you have to do is think through the problem, you’ll figure out a way to create an excellent website, and you don’t have to have any programming or web design knowledge, and your site doesn’t have to be fancy.


There are 1,000,001 WordPress themes, and WordPress is the only way that I would recommend you build this website and because it’s super easy. You get a hosting plan and domain; you install WordPress (all this stuff is very step-by-step simple). There are a million videos on youtube that show you how to do it in five minutes, literally five minutes.


Then you pick a nice free theme, throw some photos on there and your well written authoritative articles (which can also be hired out if you don’t like to write), 3000 words or more and wait a few months for Google to start ranking your site and sending a bunch of traffic your way.


See, the thing is is that Google loves content. They love long-form authoritative content. If you try to get away with creating a niche site, and maybe you’ve done it already, and you put these little 500 word articles on there, that’s not authority.


That’s somebody giving a summary. Now 3000 words, 5,000 words, 10,000 words, that’s someone who’s taking the time to write something that matters to them. They’re taking the time to create some quality content to help people answer the questions that they have for their problem.


Google recognizes this, and that is the way that they’re leaning in regards to ranking websites. This whole idea of trying to optimize your website with the latest plugin and with the latest SEO technique and all that is a major waste of time for most people.


You can avoid all that wasted time and money on expensive SEO tools and stuff by simply giving Google what it wants, authoritative content on your niche websites. By the time you get to 30 articles, six to nine months down the road, that website is going to start generating traffic like crazy!


It takes about six to nine months for Google to trust your website, especially if you’re starting up for the first time with a brand new domain. But once it does happen that you have these 3,000 plus word articles on your website, you’re all of a sudden going to be very surprised at how your content starts to get found everywhere.


Not only that, if you want an extra hack, you take this content that you’re creating, and you narrate it into a video. Wait. Before you even say it. You don’t even have to be on screen. All you have to do is narrate. Read your article to people in an interested and animated voice. Then you put some images over your voice, throw that together (on any number of apps), and upload it to YouTube.


Lastly, you take a piece of that article, and you post it as your youtube video description. With a call to action like “read the full article and more cool stuff like this at mywebsite.com.” Make sure that the first two words of your title have your keywords in them.


Also, use those same keywords in the title of your website article. Now when people are looking to go vacation in the Dominican Republic and play golf, guess what? Your website and your video are going to pop up in the search results and start driving a bunch of traffic to you.


Then what ends up happening is that you put ads on your website, you put affiliate offers on your website, and now these people are signing up for your email list. Before you know it, this little website is now an income generator for you. Then you just keep it going and nurture it.


Once you’re making some real money, you get yourself a virtual assistant who does all the heavy lifting for you. You get yourself some writers who do the writing for you. You know, you build your network of photographers around the world, whatever the case may be, and maybe even you take some of that money and travel to these golf sites, and it doesn’t have to be something that you’re interested in.


It’s just something that you’re doing because it solves a problem. It’s providing a service to people, and it’s providing income for you. Why wouldn’t you invest in going and shooting videos and getting pictures and having a vacation in these beautiful locations where these golf courses are?


That’s just a way of saying that you put in some work at the front, like riding a bike uphill for the first couple of months, creating all this content.Let’s say you take 90 days, and you create one of these 3000 word articles every other day. The first day you hash out your idea. The second day, you find your images. The third day you edit and post, and you keep doing this for 90 days.


By that time, you’ve got 30 articles under your belt. Now you’re experienced at doing this. Your writing doesn’t even have to be great. It just needs to be clean. In other words, you express your ideas in your voice. You write out your article by talking into your phone, there’s a ton of different apps for you to record your voice, and then transcribe it. Descript is my favorite.


Speaking out your articles is something like 200 to 300 words per minute. So if you’re looking to create a 3000 word article, you’re looking at 10 to 15 minutes of speaking out, get it transcribed, post to your website and upload it to YouTube, as I mentioned before.


As you can see, there are several ways to create content, and you don’t have to be a writer. Over time I’ll create some videos demonstrating all of the steps I mentioned. You can always find a ton of youtube videos that teach you how to do every one of these steps that I’m suggesting.


It’s not that hard, and I’m creating a map for you, right here. All you have to do is follow through and stay consistent. Consistency is the key to success over the long term. There is no get rich quick.


It’s more like get rich slow and take your time to learn your craft and do it well because it’ll be that much more rewarding. Especially if you’re struggling and don’t have a lot of income. Not one of these methods is going to solve your problem quickly.


None of these methods are going to help you pay rent this month. If you’re already into the month and you don’t have income, you need to go get a job right away! I mentioned at the beginning of this article, all of these things are for people who are working full time or part-time or something.


I think along those lines, and you need to have the income to pull off most of these ideas because, for all of them, you’re going to need a little bit of money to get started. It’s like planting a seed; it doesn’t grow overnight.


Yes, you can start up with like as little as $50 or $100 bucks, but you’re still going to need to have income so that you can take care of your needs and do good work. Because a lot of times, what ends up happening is you get into this cause you have this desire to have money, and people are out there putting out videos on how to make a $100K in 30 days.


But the reality is they can do that because they’ve been putting in the time and money to build that business up for a long time. If they tell you, “I just started this for the first time,” they’re lying to you.


I’ve made six figures in six months, and I did it as a newbie in e-commerce, but before I was a newbie in e-commerce, I was already an expert digital marketer for eight years. So when I went into e-commerce, I was already familiar with all the concepts that they talk about in ecom.


The only thing that I truly had to learn was how to use the platform, which was Shopify, and how to service my customers (fulfilling orders and dealing with distributors). So, that part was new to me. But running Facebook ads, sending email marketing, understanding my analytics, understanding how to work with different design tools, and things like that, I knew all of that already. I didn’t have to learn any of that from scratch.


If the tool was different, like building websites on Shopify, it was still the same concept. So all I had to do was learn where the save button was. Do you know what I mean? When these internet gurus tell you that they stepped in and they did something overnight or whatever the case may be, that may be the case for them because they’ve been at it for years.


It’s probably not the only way that they’re generating income. Not only that, but you also have to question the people who are promoting things to you that are so flashy and then trying to tell you, “if you buy this thing from me, I’ll show you how my exact blueprint but it’s only for the next 12 hours!” Like what the heck?!


So to summarize our first topic, niche sites, you start by picking a niche (passion, pain, or problem) after you choose your niche, and there is a number of ways that you can do that. You can use Google trends. You can go into Facebook, you can go into YouTube, you can go into Twitter and Google Bing, and you can start searching for ideas. You’re going to notice that when you begin searching for a keyword, all of those platforms suggest sentences to you of what you might be searching for, which means that’s what other people have been searching for.


That also means that those are topics that are probably generating interest and might be a good one to choose. That’s where you get started. The next thing you’ll need is to pick a domain name and a web host. Then install WordPress and pick a theme for your site.


Once you’ve done that, you have to start working on your 30 articles. I’m saying 30 because I know that some people will get to that number of authoritative articles on their site and never touch it again. Even so, if you never added anything to it again, it would still over six months to a year start to generate income for you (as long as you have ads on that website).


Something as simple as using Google Adsense will generate income for you. Once you’re doing that, then you can set up an email capture form on your website and start building your email list. That lets you communicate directly with people who have given you their email and send them relevant affiliate offers for the problem that’s being solved through your website.


In my example, I talked about a golf website that reviews different golf courses. For that site, my affiliate offers might be “how to get a better golf swing,” or “how to putt better,” etc., whatever the case may be. That’s how you expand that niche site’s profitability.


Initially, it’s just going to start with ads on the website. But when you get people on your email list, now you can do partnerships with golf trainers and golf pros and say, I’m doing a webinar with this golf pro over here, and if you’re interested, join the webinar.


If that guy sells them a course or some kind of training, you get a cut as an affiliate who brought those two parties together. There’s a whole world of possibilities, but it’s as simple as that to get started in niche sites.


The last thing you’re going to have to do is keyword research, which isn’t very hard. I know it sounds technical, but it’s not that hard. You do your keyword research so that you know the relevant keywords for each article that you’re writing about. For better rankings, get six to seven related images for each article and add your email capture form so that you can start building your email list by offering them a lead magnet.


That’s it. The rest is maintenance and refining as you go along. As I said earlier, I will create videos about how to do each one of these things step by step. So I hope that helps and leave me your questions in the comments below.

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