E007 – Bitcoin Investing & What Billionaires Do With Their Money

In this episode, we discuss Bitcoin investing and what billionaires do with their money compared to what the average person does. We work hard to build our businesses, but what do we do it for? What do we do with the wealth that our businesses make for us? How should we manage these finances that pass through our hands? We discuss that and more in this episode. If you have a business or are just getting started, one of the most valuable lessons any entrepreneur can learn is how to take the money that your business makes and grow it even bigger through smart investments. Before you can do that, there is one huge hurdle you have to jump first, and that is your desire to spend without planning and spending beyond your means. As business owners, we become good at figuring things out for ourselves, and yet so many of us never focus or learn how to overcome the desire to live well today without giving a thought to tomorrow. But our future selves would disagree with a lot of the financial decisions we make today. Thankfully, we have options and choices we can make today to ensure a secure future for the ones we love and ourselves. This episode is packed with valuable info that will show you how and I will go deeper on the topics you prefer based on your feedback. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! I am not a financial advisor. This is an entertainment and opinion-based podcast. I am not a financial adviser. Only invest what you can afford to lose, and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing! This podcast and my new book, Advancing Possibilities, are my way of answering many of the most common questions entrepreneurs have, with the hope that they can avoid some of the pitfalls we all encounter on this journey and take advantage of the massive opportunities that are greater now than ever before. Topics Discussed:
  • The difference between making and managing money
  • Why do so many people make money and still fail
  • Why status signals mean you’re a consumer
  • Building a legacy business that runs without you
  • My first run-in with Bitcoin
  • Taking the opportunities that are right in front of you
  • And much, much more!
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